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Product Description


Wonderful design built-in screws, and aluminum pergola outer layer is more beautiful.
Heavy duty structure strong physical performance windproof, adapts to more environments.
Material 100% aluminum: 6063-T5
Process Convincing quality powder coating powder-coating process using weather resistant outdoor special powder coating color bright coating smooth does not fade when encountering bad weather.
Color coating white/grey/customized Proven sandblasting process, high color accuracy, pigment coating is not easy to fall off.
Control Electrical/manual system available
Light system LED light ring mounted light/blade light
Installation Multiple parts can be combined / standing / wall-mounted/customized

Product Description

Why Louvered Pergolas?

As a custom series, Our outdoor aluminum pergola can perfectly create a complete solution for oversized or atypically shaped terraces.

Louvered roofs can be mounted directly to the house or placed in the garden as a stand-alone construction. If you want to cover large areas, it’s also possible to connect with different models.

The construction stands out for its resistance to adverse weather conditions, long service life, and easy maintenance

It can be placed on the terrace of a family house or it can be used in commercial buildings.

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Premium Material & Construction

Rain/sunproof high-quality 6063 T5 aluminum material, long-lasting aluminum alloy with a heavy-duty double layer design with rotatable louvers to prevent sunlight and rain. Outdoor grade powder coated with maintenance-free and rust-free material.

Aluminum Adjustable Louvered Roof

The biggest advantage of a pergola with louvers compared to a pergola with a fixed roof is that the roof can be moved. You can tilt the louvers to let as much or as little air through your space, also prevent heat building up while providing shade for you and your friends and family

Open and close the louvers as needed to adjust for just the right amount of sunlight by simply remote control opening and closing the roof louvers. And in the evening, open the louvers to relax as you gaze up at the stars.

Designed For Bad Beather

Wish Outdoor aluminum pergolas are individually coated with absolute precision, and resist UV, corrosion & scratch. The powder-coating on the surface, no matter under the impact of direct sunlight for 5 years or 10 years, is durable and colorfast. In-built superior quality seals in the louver keep the CHINAMFG from blowing resulting in rainwater and dust entering. 

When the louver is fully closed, the top portion becomes completely water-resistant. Adopting a widened gutter collects the rainwater and ensures that it drains directly into the vertical posts. Weighs more than 500kgs, strong and stable enough to withstand wind force.

Excellent drainage system:

The aluminum frame and louver blades adopt a widened drainage trough, with no leakage when it rains or melts snow. 

In the face of rain, the widened blade drainage trough solves the shortcomings of other similar products in that drainage is not timely, and easy to leak water from the gap. 

We use thicker sealing rubber strips at the connection of the blade to prevent the water collection trough from overflowing.

LED lighting system:

LED lighting in the louvers or the structure provides the right, cozy atmosphere for your patio at night.

Remote control outdoor lighting, you can choose a built-in blade LED light or ring LED light to provide night light to increase your outdoor activity time, you can customize multi-color lighting ambient light to add atmosphere to your spa or party.


Design Options

Discover Your Ideal Outdoor Structure

Wish Outdoor specializes in custom-designed solutions tailored to
your specific requirements. Reach out to us with your vision,
and let’s bring it to life

Pergola outdoor aluminum roof gazebo garden waterproof motorized aluminum Louver louvered canopy bioclimatic patio modern customized


Popular Size

Customized Size & Color
We can customize the size & color based on your needs

Standard Colors

View Our Pergola Case

Transform your backyard into a stunning villa with our custom pergola kits. Crafted with a modern look and a sturdy aluminum frame, these pergolas offer long-lasting protection from all weather conditions. Experience the beauty of motorized louver functions and LED lighting.

Our Advantages

Pergola outdoor aluminum roof gazebo garden waterproof motorized aluminum  Factory Pavilion automatic Manual Remote control



Unmatched quality and durability to withstand any climate.

Durability is the key to building functional luxury into your outdoor living area. That’s why we use the highest quality aluminum to make our products lightweight, corrosion-resistant, flexible, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. With the ability to adapt to any environment, Terra Summer brings you the comfort you can count on.



Built on expertise and passion

We are committed to delivering products that you will enjoy for years. Our factory, located in HangZhou, China, is equipped with the latest technology to build modern designs to the highest standards.


Company Profile

Pergola outdoor aluminum roof gazebo garden waterproof motorized aluminum Louver louvered canopy bioclimatic patio modern customized


opening backyard led wholesale Pergola outdoor aluminum roof gazebo garden waterproof motorized aluminium



Pergola outdoor aluminum roof gazebo garden waterproof motorized aluminum  Factory Pavilion automatic Manual Remote control


What are the aluminum pergola sizes in your factory?
Our aluminum pergola standard sizes are 3x3M,3x4M for single units with 4 posts,4x4M, and 6x4M for double units with 6 posts. Special sizes with big quantities can be negotiated.

Can you provide customized services?
Yes, this pergola customized service has always been our strength. And we are looking CHINAMFG to your good ideas.

Is your louvered electric aluminum pergola easy to assemble?
We have the assembly manual instructions for the electric aluminum pergola specifically made according to your project site. Our pergolas are DIY products designed to be easily assembled.

How will your aluminum pergola hold up in my climate?
Our aluminum pergola has been specifically engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds, heavy snow loads, and everything in between. It’s durable and can out-compete most of the competitors on the market today!

What is your electric aluminum pergola warranty?
We offer a 3-5-year warranty on the structure with ordinary powder coated, along with a 1-year warranty on the electronics.

What is the MOQ?
It depends on the items you order. Some are with MO. Some normal items are without MO. Welcome your inquiry.
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Garantee: 5 Years
Aluninum Thickness: 3.5mm
Shape: Quad
Frame Material: Aluminum
Cover Material: Aluminum Alloy
Cover Coating: Aluminum
US$ 700/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




oudoor furniture

What types of cushions and fabrics pair well with aluminum garden furniture?

When choosing cushions and fabrics to pair with aluminum garden furniture, it’s important to consider both style and practicality. Here are some types of cushions and fabrics that work well with aluminum furniture:

1. Outdoor-Specific Fabrics:

Opt for fabrics that are specifically designed for outdoor use. These fabrics are typically made from durable materials that are resistant to fading, mildew, and moisture. Examples include solution-dyed acrylic, polyester, or olefin fabrics. They are often treated to withstand UV rays and are easy to clean.

2. Water-Resistant or Waterproof Fabrics:

Consider using water-resistant or waterproof fabrics for your cushions. These fabrics have a protective coating or treatment that repels water and prevents it from seeping into the cushions. They are particularly useful for areas with frequent rain or high humidity.

3. Fade-Resistant Fabrics:

Choose fabrics that are fade-resistant to ensure long-lasting vibrant colors. Fabrics with UV protection or those that have been solution-dyed tend to resist fading when exposed to sunlight. This is especially important if your furniture is placed in a sunny area.

4. Quick-Drying Cushions:

Consider cushions with quick-drying properties, especially if your furniture is exposed to rain or if you live in a humid climate. These cushions are designed to allow water to drain quickly, preventing moisture buildup and reducing the risk of mold and mildew.

5. Cushion Fill:

Consider the type of cushion fill that pairs well with aluminum furniture. Popular options include foam, polyester fiberfill, or a combination of both. Foam provides firm support, while polyester fiberfill offers a softer feel. Choose a cushion fill that suits your comfort preferences.

6. Color and Design:

Select cushion colors and designs that complement your aluminum furniture and your outdoor space. Opt for colors that coordinate with the surrounding environment or choose patterns and textures that add visual interest to the overall aesthetic.

7. Removable and Washable Covers:

Look for cushions with removable and washable covers. This feature allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that your cushions stay fresh and free from dirt and stains. Check the care instructions to ensure that the covers can be safely machine-washed or spot-cleaned.

By considering outdoor-specific fabrics, water-resistant or waterproof options, fade-resistant fabrics, quick-drying cushions, cushion fill, color and design choices, and removable and washable covers, you can select cushions and fabrics that not only enhance the comfort and style of your aluminum garden furniture but also withstand outdoor conditions for long-lasting enjoyment.

oudoor furniture

Can I find aluminum garden furniture sets that are both stylish and easy to clean?

Yes, you can find aluminum garden furniture sets that are both stylish and easy to clean. Aluminum is a popular choice for outdoor furniture due to its durability, versatility, and low maintenance requirements. Here’s why aluminum garden furniture sets can offer a combination of style and easy cleaning:

1. Stylish Designs:

Aluminum garden furniture sets come in a wide range of stylish designs to suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer modern, contemporary, traditional, or rustic styles, there are aluminum furniture sets available to complement your outdoor decor. The versatility of aluminum allows for various design elements, including sleek lines, intricate patterns, and decorative details.

2. Finishes and Colors:

Aluminum furniture sets often feature different finishes and colors to enhance their visual appeal. They can be powder coated, painted, or anodized to provide a desired look and protection against the elements. Powder coating, in particular, offers a durable finish that comes in a wide array of colors, allowing you to choose a shade that matches your style and preferences. Whether you prefer vibrant hues, neutral tones, or metallic finishes, there are options available to suit your aesthetic.

3. Low Maintenance:

Aluminum garden furniture sets are known for their low maintenance requirements. Aluminum is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, making it well-suited for outdoor use. Unlike other materials, such as wood or wrought iron, aluminum does not require regular staining, sealing, or painting to maintain its appearance and structural integrity. To clean aluminum furniture, simply wipe it down with a mild soap and water solution, rinse thoroughly, and let it air dry. This straightforward cleaning process allows you to enjoy your furniture without spending excessive time and effort on maintenance.

4. Weather Resistance:

Aluminum is highly resistant to weathering, which contributes to its easy cleaning and maintenance. It does not warp, crack, or fade when exposed to sunlight, rain, or humidity. The smooth and non-porous surface of aluminum makes it less prone to dirt, mold, and mildew buildup. This means that cleaning can often be as simple as removing surface debris and giving it a quick wipe down, keeping your furniture looking clean and fresh.

5. Durability:

Aluminum garden furniture sets are known for their durability. Aluminum is lightweight yet sturdy, allowing for easy rearrangement and transportation of your furniture. It is resistant to impact, making it less likely to dent or deform over time. The durability of aluminum ensures that your furniture will maintain its stylish appearance and functionality for years to come.

When shopping for aluminum garden furniture sets, look for reputable manufacturers or brands that offer high-quality craftsmanship and materials. Read product descriptions, customer reviews, and consider visiting physical stores or showrooms to assess the style, comfort, and quality of the furniture sets firsthand.

By choosing a stylish aluminum garden furniture set and following simple cleaning practices, you can create an inviting outdoor space that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

oudoor furniture

Are there eco-friendly or sustainable options for aluminum garden furniture?

Yes, there are eco-friendly and sustainable options available for aluminum garden furniture. When shopping for environmentally conscious choices, consider the following:

1. Recycled Aluminum:

Look for aluminum garden furniture that is made from recycled materials. Using recycled aluminum helps reduce the demand for new raw materials and minimizes the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. Some manufacturers specifically highlight their use of recycled aluminum in their products.

2. Sustainable Manufacturing Practices:

Choose brands or manufacturers that prioritize sustainable manufacturing practices. Look for certifications or labels such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), or Cradle to Cradle that indicate a commitment to responsible sourcing, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and other sustainable practices.

3. Low-impact Coatings:

Consider aluminum garden furniture that uses low-impact coatings or finishes. Traditional painting and coating processes can involve harmful chemicals and contribute to pollution. Opt for furniture that uses eco-friendly, water-based or powder-coated finishes that have lower environmental impact.

4. Longevity and Durability:

Choose aluminum garden furniture that is built to last. Investing in high-quality, durable furniture reduces the need for frequent replacements, which in turn reduces waste. Look for furniture with solid construction, reinforced joints, and corrosion-resistant features to ensure longevity.

5. End-of-life Considerations:

When selecting aluminum garden furniture, consider how it can be recycled or disposed of responsibly at the end of its life. Look for furniture that is designed for disassembly, making it easier to recycle or repurpose the different components. Some manufacturers may provide recycling programs or guidance on proper disposal.

6. Local and Handcrafted Options:

Support local artisans or craftsmen who create aluminum garden furniture using sustainable practices. Choosing locally made furniture reduces transportation emissions and supports local economies.

7. Second-hand and Vintage:

Consider purchasing second-hand or vintage aluminum garden furniture. This option extends the lifespan of the furniture and reduces the demand for new production. Look for local thrift stores, online marketplaces, or community platforms for pre-owned furniture.

By considering these eco-friendly and sustainable options, you can make more environmentally conscious choices when selecting aluminum garden furniture. Remember to research brands, certifications, and manufacturing processes to ensure that the furniture aligns with your sustainability goals and values.

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